How To Add A Playlist To Another Playlist On Spotify How To Add A Playlist To Another Playlist On Spotify

How To Add A Playlist To Another Playlist On Spotify?

How To Add A Playlist To Another Playlist On Spotify? Listening to music on Spotify is super fun, especially when you can create your own playlists! But sometimes your playlists get really long or you want to combine playlists. Don’t worry, it’s easy to add one Spotify playlist to another. I’ll walk you through how to do it.

How To Add A Playlist To Another Playlist On Spotify?
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The First Step is to Open Your Playlist

Open the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or computer. Click on the playlist you want to add tracks to. This is the playlist you’ll be adding songs to.

Be sure to open the main playlist that you want to append tracks to. This will be the base playlist you are adding music to.

The Second Step is to Find the Add Button

  • Look at the bottom of the playlist you opened. There should be a green button that says “Add“. Click on the green “Add” button.
  • The add button is key for merging playlists. It’s a green plus sign button at the bottom of your chosen playlist. Click it to proceed.

The Third Step is to Select “Add Playlist”

  • After clicking “Add“, a pop up will show different options like “Add Tracks“, “Add Album“, etc. Click the box that says “Add Playlist“.
  • You’ll see a few options pop up after clicking the add button. Be sure to select the “Add Playlist” option to append a full playlist.

The Fourth Step is to Choose the Playlist to Add

  • A list of your other Spotify playlists will pop up. Tap on the playlist you want to add to the first playlist. Tip: You can search for a playlist by typing the name in the search bar.
  • Browse or search to find the playlist you want to merge in. Tap on it to select the playlist to add. Search makes finding playlists a breeze.

The Fifth Step is to Confirm

  • Once you select the playlist to add, just click the “Add” button. Now all the songs from the second playlist are added to the end of the first playlist. It’s that easy!
  • Double check you picked the right playlist to add, then confirm by clicking “Add“. Your playlists are now perfectly merged!

Now you can listen to the combined playlist and hear all your favorite tracks together. You can rearrange the order of songs by dragging and dropping too.


Here are some tips for managing your playlists:

  • Name your playlists so you can find them easily

Give your playlists descriptive names so they are easy to identify later.

  • Make playlists for different moods, activities, or people

Tailor playlists to contexts like working out, chilling at home, road trips, dinner parties etc.

  • Follow your friends’ playlists to discover new music

Finding new tunes is easy by following friends’ public playlists. Discover new artists!

  • Delete tracks you don’t like anymore to keep playlists fresh

Curate your playlists by removing songs you’ve grown tired of listening to.

  • Make collaborative playlists to share songs with friends

Collaborate on playlists to allow friends to add their favorite songs too.

  • Download playlists to listen offline when you don’t have service

Download playlists to your device to listen offline when you won’t have internet.

  • Use the “Like” feature to save songs you want to add later

“Like” songs while browsing to easily find them later for playlists.

  • Create folders to organize all your awesome playlists

Use folders to group together similar playlists and keep organized.

Try making some fun new playlists by merging your favorites! What kind of playlists will you create? Workout jams? Road trip hits? Party anthems? Now that you know how to easily combine playlists, the options are endless.

Get creative merging playlists for any mood, theme or occasion! Blend your favorites.

FAQs About Combining Spotify Playlists

How do I add multiple songs from one playlist to another playlist on Spotify?

Select the songs you want to add from the first playlist. Click the three dots next to a track and select “Add to Playlist“. Pick which playlist to add the songs to and click “Add“. Repeat for all tracks you want to move.

Can you merge playlists on Spotify?

Yes, merging or combining Spotify playlists is easy! Just open one playlist, click “Add” and select “Add Playlist“. Pick the playlist to merge and all the tracks will be added. You can merge as many playlists as you want into one mega playlist!

What happens if you add the same song to two different playlists?

Adding one song to multiple playlists is no problem! The song will just appear in both playlists. You won’t get duplicate tracks or errors. Feel free to add songs to as many playlists as you want.

Can you add an entire album to a playlist on Spotify?

Sure can! When adding tracks, click “Add” and choose “Add Album” instead of “Add Playlist“. Search for or select the album you want and all the tracks will be queued up in your playlist. It’s an easy way to add a full album.

How many songs can you add to a Spotify playlist?

Spotify playlists can be up to 10,000 tracks long. So go wild building giant playlists from all your other playlists and favorite songs!

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