How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card? How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card?

How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card?

Methods to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial Without Credit Card

Use a Debit Card to Get Spotify Premium Free Trial

The easiest way to get a Spotify Premium free trial without a credit card is by using a debit card instead. When signing up for the free trial, simply choose the option to pay with a debit card. As long as your debit card is eligible, Spotify will start your free trial.

Just make sure to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t want to continue with a paid subscription. Spotify will not be able to renew your subscription without a valid payment method on file. So once the free trial expires, your account will revert to the free version unless you add a credit/debit card or other payment details.

How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card?
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Create a Free Virtual Credit Card Account for Spotify Premium Free Trial

Another great option is using a virtual credit card to get your Spotify Premium free trial. Virtual credit cards are temporary, prepaid card numbers provided by certain banks and financial apps.

The card number works just like a real credit card for free trials and online transactions. But since it’s a virtual card with no actual funds behind it, the merchant (in this case Spotify) will not be able to charge you when the trial ends.

Some popular virtual card options include:

  • – Generates virtual debit/credit cards with spending limits.
  • Revolut – Offers virtual debit cards with the Revolut app.
  • MyVirtual – Issues virtual Visa cards that work for free trials.

Make sure to check terms and conditions with the virtual card provider to ensure Spotify Premium trials are allowed. Once you have a virtual card, simply use those card details when signing up for the Spotify Premium free trial.

Enjoy ad-free music and all the other great Premium features free for the trial length without worrying about Spotify charging your actual credit card!

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Without Credit Card?

How To Get Free Spotify Premium Without Credit Card?
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Method 1: Use a Debit Card

Signing up for Spotify Premium with a debit card instead of credit card lets you start the free trial. Just remember to cancel before you get charged!

Method 2: Use a Virtual Credit Card

Virtual credit cards from apps like and Revolut provide the necessary card details without linking to your real accounts. These work perfectly for free trials with Spotify.

Either method allows you to access all the awesome benefits of Spotify Premium like ad-free listening, offline downloads, unlimited skips, and high quality audio. Enjoy your favorite music without interruptions and no credit card required!

Get Spotify Premium for Free Without Credit Card

Spotify Premium offers a free trial so you can enjoy the benefits of the paid service without inputting any credit card information. This allows you to get Spotify Premium for free for up to 1 month to experience ad-free listening, unlimited skips, offline downloads and more. As long as you cancel before the trial ends, you won’t be charged anything.

Free Spotify Premium Trial Without Credit Card

The key to getting Spotify Premium free is signing up for their free trial. Spotify allows new users to enjoy a 1 month free trial of the Premium service without needing to provide any credit card details. You can take advantage of this free Spotify Premium trial by using a virtual credit card when signing up.

Fake Credit Card for Free Spotify Premium

One method people use to get free Spotify Premium is by using fake or virtual credit cards. Services like and Revolut allow you to generate virtual card numbers that you can use to sign up for free trials. The virtual card acts just like a real card but without linking to your actual bank account. Once the Spotify Premium trial ends, these fake credit card numbers cannot be charged.

Download Spotify Songs with Free Account

With a free Spotify account you can stream songs but not download them to listen offline. By signing up for the free Premium trial, you can download tracks, albums, and playlists to your device to enjoy offline. This gives you access to download Spotify songs for the duration of the trial without paying anything.

Get Lifetime Free Spotify Premium

Unfortunately there is no legitimate way to get free Spotify Premium forever. Their terms of service prohibit accessing Premium benefits beyond the free trial without an active paid subscription. While you can continually create new accounts for repeated access to free trials, this violates Spotify’s rules. The only way to enjoy unlimited Premium is by continuing to pay for an ongoing subscription.

Free Trial Without Credit Card: Is It Worth It?

Getting Spotify Premium free for 1 month can be a great way to experience the benefits without commitment. But is it worth taking the extra steps to avoid using a real credit card? Here are some pros and cons to weigh:

Try Premium features risk-free for a monthExtra effort to setup a virtual card or use a debit card
Avoid tying a credit card to the accountLose Premium access after the trial unless you subscribe
Easily cancel before the trial ends if not satisfiedCannot take advantage of Premium discounts that require a credit card
No concerns over forgeting to cancel a subscription

For most folks, the pros outweigh the cons. A free 1 month trial gives you ample time to fall in love with Spotify Premium! As long as you remember to cancel before the month is up, you can try out Premium without worries.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

If you do decide to continue with a paid Spotify Premium subscription after the trial, how much does it cost? Here is a breakdown of the pricing options:

  • Spotify Premium Individual Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Spotify Premium Duo Plan: $12.99 per month (2 accounts)
  • Spotify Premium Family Plan: $15.99 per month (up to 6 accounts)
  • Spotify Premium Student Plan: $4.99 per month

These represent hefty discounts versus paying for individual accounts. For instance, the Family plan works out to just $2.66 per person!

Spotify also offers discounted annual subscription options when paying upfront for 12 months. So if you become addicted to Premium after the free trial, look into saving some cash with annual plans or bundled packages.

Connect Spotify to Get Free Months

how to get 3 months free spotify without credit card
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Sometimes Spotify runs promotions allowing you to unlock free months of Spotify Premium by connecting to an external service. For example, they’ve offered 3 months free for new Premium members who connect their Facebook account. It’s worth looking out for these deals which give you free months beyond the standard 1 month trial period. Click Here to start you free 3 months Trial

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spotify Safe for Credit Cards?

Yes, Spotify has very high security standards when it comes to storing credit card information. They use encryption and tokenization to protect user data. Many major banks even provide virtual credit card numbers specifically to use for Spotify Premium free trials.

Can You Buy Spotify Premium with an Apple Gift Card?

Unfortunately Spotify does not directly accept gift cards, Apple or otherwise, as a payment method. You can use an Apple Gift Card to add funds to an Apple ID and then pay for Spotify from there. Or purchase a Spotify Gift Card from a retail store like Best Buy to pay for a subscription.

How Many People Can Use Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium is limited to 1 account per individual plan. But you can share access with family members or partners via the Duo and Family plans, up to 6 accounts. Beyond that, Spotify’s terms of service prohibit sharing logins outside your household.


Getting Spotify Premium for free without a credit card is absolutely possible for at least 1 month thanks to the free trial offer. Use a debit card, virtual credit card, or gift card payment to avoid linking a real credit card while still accessing all the great features of Spotify Premium.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience ad-free listening, offline downloads, unlimited skips, and more without handing over your card details. With the right prepaid card solution, you can trial Premium risk-free before deciding if you want to continue with a paid subscription.

So what are you waiting for? Start listening to all your favorite tunes on Spotify without limits or interruptions now!

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