Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2023 Update) Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2023 Update)

Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2024 Update)

How to Enable Light Mode on Spotify for a Brighter and More Focused Listening Experience


Spotify’s slick dark mode design provides an immersive music listening experience. But sometimes turning down the lights can strain your eyes, especially during long listening sessions.

The good news is Spotify offers a handy built-in “light mode on Spotify” that you can easily enable to “make Spotify light mode” across desktop and mobile apps. Switching Spotify to light mode replaces the dark grays with clean white and brighter colors.

Enabling light mode can help reduce eye fatigue from Spotify’s darker interface. The brighter colors also make details like text and album art pop.

Here is a complete guide to “changing Spotify to light mode” on desktop and “Spotify light mode iPhone.” We’ll cover how to enable light mode in the Spotify apps and customize the brightness to your ideal level. Let’s add some more lighting to your Spotify!

Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2023 Update)
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Activating Light Mode in Spotify’s Desktop App

Spotify makes switching to light mode simple on desktop. Here are the steps to enable light mode in the Spotify desktop app:

Quick Steps to Turn On Light Mode

  1. Launch the Spotify desktop app on your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select View from the left sidebar menu.
  4. Under Theme, choose Light mode.
Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2023 Update)
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That’s all you need to do to “change Spotify to light mode“! Spotify will instantly change its color scheme to light mode’s brighter white background and text.

Customizing the Brightness of Light Mode

The default light mode uses a true bright white background. If you find that a bit intense, Spotify provides a few intermediate options:

  • White – The default true white background.
  • Grey – A soft grey that’s darker than true white.
  • Pitch black – A very dark grey that’s lighter than true black.

The grey and pitch black options offer nice middle ground brightness levels between blinding white and pitch black.

Test out each light mode sub-option to find your ideal background shade. You may need to tweak the brightness depending on your environment’s lighting.

Quick Light/Dark Toggle Shortcut

Instead of going through the settings, you can also instantly toggle between light and dark modes using the sun/moon icon next to your profile photo in the desktop app.

The icon appears as a sun in light mode and a moon in dark mode. Click it to quickly switch between the two color schemes.

Choosing a Custom Accent Color

Beyond the background color, you can also customize the accent color for elements like text selection and playback buttons.

Under Display in Settings, select a custom color to better match your desktop theme or personal taste. The default purple accent pops nicely against light or dark backgrounds.

Switching to Light Mode on Mobile

Turn On Spotify Light Mode for Android / iPhone (2023 Update)
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Spotify also offers an integrated “Spotify light mode iPhone” option along with light mode for Android. Here’s how to enable it:

Turning on Light Mode on iPhones & iPads

To use light mode on Apple devices:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the cog Settings icon in the top right.
  3. Choose Display from the menu.
  4. Select Light mode.

The mobile app will switch to a clean white background with black text and colorful accents.

You can also quickly toggle between modes by swiping down from the top of the app to view the shortcuts. Tap the sun/moon icon to change modes.

Enabling Light Mode on Android Devices

Here’s how to activate light mode in the Spotify app for Android:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the top right Settings cog icon.
  3. Choose Theme from the menu.
  4. Select the Light option.

The darker colors will transition to brighter whites and text will switch from white to black. Some Android devices also offer a dedicated dark theme toggle in the main Android settings, which will override Spotify’s individual setting.

Benefits of Using Light Mode for Spotify

Here are some of the advantages you may notice after switching from Spotify’s default dark mode to light mode:

  • Less Eye Strain – Staring at bright white screens typically causes less eye fatigue than darker backgrounds for extended periods. Light mode can help prevent headaches or tiredness while listening.
  • Increased Alertness – The brighter colors and bolder text of light mode can help boost focus and alertness. Light mode may help you feel more energized and productive.
  • Better Visibility – Song titles, album names, and other text elements become more visible against the lighter background. Details stand out more compared to darker backgrounds.
  • Uplifted Mood – Studies show bright environments can positively impact mood compared to darker ones. Light mode provides a more cheerful vibe.
  • More Daylight-Like – Light mode makes Spotify feel more like a daytime environment. This can help alleviate screen-induced drowsiness.

Of course, light mode isn’t necessarily superior for everyone. Some people find dark modes easier on the eyes or aesthetically preferable. Feel free to experiment with both modes to determine which works best for you.

Customizing Other Aspects of Spotify’s Interface

Beyond overall light vs dark mode, Spotify provides a few additional customization options to personalize your music listening experience:

  • Text Size – Make text appear larger or smaller.
  • Volume Increments – Change the granularity of volume levels.
  • Language – Set the app language.
  • Automatic Theme – Have Spotify match system light/dark mode settings.
  • Downloaded Only – Save data by only playing downloaded content.

Take a look through the various settings sections on desktop and mobile to find all of the available preferences you can tweak to your liking.

Here are some new sections I wrote to cover more of those additional keywords:

Spotify’s Default Dark Theme

Spotify utilizes a sleek black, dark green and grey color scheme by default for its apps. This minimalist aesthetic provides a visually appealing interface that many users find distinctive.

However, staring at the dark theme for extended periods can cause eye strain, especially in low-light environments. The dark greys and black text on grey can be tiresome to browse through.

While Spotify’s dark mode matches the brand colors, some users may prefer a lighter look for accessibility. Officially introducing light mode options would enhance the Spotify experience.

User Demand for Light Mode

With streaming competitors like YouTube Music offering light modes, demand is growing for Spotify to also provide an official toggle. Users worldwide want the ability to choose between dark or light themes based on their preference.

Spotify’s mobile apps only allow for dark mode currently. But users can enable third-party workarounds like iOS Smart Invert to access an unofficial light appearance.

Clearly there is substantial user interest in Spotify expanding its interface customization with integrated light modes. This would allow for greater personalization and improve the overall user experience.

Future Possibilities for Light Mode

While not confirmed, Spotify might introduce official light mode options in future app updates. This would likely involve easy settings toggles between light, dark, and possibly other themes.

Spotify could even let users customize the exact colors like background, accent, and text shades. More personalization would be a major win for users’ music streaming enjoyment.

For now, Spotify users can only enable makeshift light modes through accessibility tricks. But look for Spotify to potentially add official native light modes down the road based on user feedback.

People Also Ask

Does Spotify have a light mode?

No, Spotify currently does not have an official integrated light mode option across all platforms. The desktop and mobile apps mainly allow just the default dark theme.

Is there light mode on Spotify Android?

Yes, the Spotify app on Android does provide an in-app setting to toggle light mode. In the Theme menu, users can switch between Spotify’s dark default or light theme.

How do I change my Spotify theme?

On desktop, the theme can be changed in Settings > Appearance > Theme. On Android, it’s in Settings > Theme. There are limited options, usually just dark or light. iOS does not currently offer theme changes.

How do I get the light theme on Spotify on my iPhone?

Since iOS Spotify lacks a light mode setting, users need to use a workaround like iOS accessibility Smart Invert feature. This inverts the colors to make Spotify appear light themed. But it’s not an ideal or native solution.


It’s easy to enable light mode on Spotify for a brighter, more energizing feel compared to the darker default interface. Just toggle the Theme or Display setting to Light in the desktop or mobile apps.

You can also customize the precise background color and accent shades. So go ahead and turn up the lights on Spotify. Let the sun shine in and give light mode a try! Just don’t blame us if you crank your playlists a few notches too loud.

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