Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? (Ultimate Comparison) Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? (Ultimate Comparison)

Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? (Ultimate Comparison)

Making the switch from Spotify to Apple Music can be a daunting decision – after all, being able to download songs without premium and also download Spotify songs to MP3 are features you may want to keep going.

It’s worth considering; while Apple Music has some great features, such as its expansive library of music and extended album playlist options, you may need what Spotify provides that Apple doesn’t.

Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? Whether to switch from Spotify to Apple Music is ultimately based on your usage preferences. Apple Music better suits iOS/Mac users who want deeper Apple integration. Spotify offers a more social, cross-platform option. Spotify has a larger music library, but Apple Music pays artists more per stream. Spotify’s discovery features are considered better for new music. Apple Music has more exclusives and lossless audio quality. Consider which service has the content, features and usability you want before switching. Trying Apple Music’s free trial can help compare the two services.

Think carefully before making your final decision!

Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? (Ultimate Comparison)
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Is It Worth: Switch From Spotify To Apple Music?

Music streaming services have taken over in the past few years, offering listeners thousands of tracks and albums for a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual downloads.

Should you switch from Spotify to Apple Music? That depends on several factors.

Both services offer excellent sound quality and top-tier playlists to browse, so it may come down to personal preference.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for unique features, such as having better control over song selection when using Siri commands, consider Apple Music. 

Additionally, you’ll have to look at pricing since Apple Music is slightly more expensive than Spotify. Switching to Apple Music can be well worth it if you are okay with upgrading your budget or paying extra for exclusive features.

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What Is Better: Apple Music Or Spotify?

It’s a tough question, as both streaming services offer unique features and appeal to different audiences. Many users prefer Apple Music for its integration with other software products and services, high-fidelity playback quality, and broad content library.

Should I Switch From Spotify To Apple Music? (Ultimate Comparison)

Spotify boasts custom playlists based on users’ individual listening habits, social media integration, and powerful ready-to-go playlists for active listeners.

Ultimately, the decision between Apple Music and Spotify should come from personal preferences around pricing plans and extras such as family discounts or student discount rates. Regular users should also consider their listening habits when deciding which streaming service is best for them.

Price Comparison Table

Apple MusicSpotify
For Starter$10.99 / £10.99
AU$12.99 per month
Offline mode$10.99 / £10.99
AU$12.99 per month
$9.99 per month
Student Package$5.99 / £5.99
AU$5.99 per month
$4.99 per month
‘Duo’ Household$12.99 per month,
2 accounts
Family Package$16.99 / £16.99
AU$25.95 per month,
6 accounts
$15.99 per month,
6 accounts
Annual Plan$109.99 per year$99 per year
ExclusivesWorks with Siri on the
HomePod & HomePod mini;
Apple Music 1 Radio;
Cloud music locker;
spatial audio
Available on PS5, PS4,
Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S,
and Xbox One;
Spotify Studios podcasts

Spotify Vs Apple Music Scorecard

Apple MusicSpotify
Music LibraryRow 1 – Cell 2
Music QualityRow 2 – Cell 2
Cloud Locker
Browser Playback
Supported Hardware
Social Integration

Why Are People Switching From Spotify To Apple Music?

With the rise of streaming services, it can take time to determine which music streaming platform is the best for you. Should I switch from Spotify to Apple Music? That depends on your personal preference.

However, many people are transitioning because Apple Music provides access to over 50 million songs without pesky ads. If you’re an Apple user, the transition is seamless as it integrates directly with your existing iTunes library.

Moreover, if I’m subscribed to an Apple device such as an iPhone or Macbook Air, I can save on subscription fees! 

With constantly evolving user-friendly tools such as live lyrics and artist radio stations, plus offline options for easy listening, iTunes‘ extensive music library creates a comprehensive experience that many users find preferable to Spotify.

Whether or not to switch from Spotify to Apple Music should depend on your individual needs and desires.

Which Is Cheaper, Apple Music Or Spotify?

Both Spotify and Apple Music are popular music streaming services; however, regarding the overall cost, Apple Music is the cheaper option for most users. A basic subscription to the Apple Music service costs $9.99 per month compared to Spotify’s $10 subscription plan.

Should you choose to upgrade your Spotify subscription from either service, such as upgrading to a family plan, you may find that both services offer equal prices at a similar monthly rate.

Aim to save money and still enjoy a vast selection of music. Apple Music could be the service for you – though you should always consider factors like the sound quality and other features before deciding.


Whether Apple Music or Spotify is better depends on personal preference. Using Apple Music makes sense if you have an iPhone and an ecosystem of other Apple products. And if you’re looking for a more affordable option, Spotify might be the way to go.

Moreover, both services offer similar features at different price points – it just depends on what you value most in a music streaming service.

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