Simplifying Web Development with jQuery

Elevate Your Website: Harnessing the Power of jQuery

As we discussed earlier, JavaScript appears to be comprising a vast range of libraries and frameworks for ease in web designing. jQuery is one of the most popular, finest, enriched, and modified JavaScript libraries with multiple features. Therefore, the designing its coding comprises of HTML which assigns the attributes, manipulation, creation of animation, and designing of AJAX for running on multiple browsers. So, The DOM-oriented jQuery library introduced an innovation in designing websites by JavaScript with versatility and customizing features. 

Moreover, This library provides a variety of attributes and templates for designing Ajax applications with user-friendly APIs for a multitude of browsers.    

For beginners in web development, jQuery provides a variety of templates and easy to learn. Because it has simplified the programming of JavaScript for web developers and designers. 


What is jQuery? 

Being a lightweight library of JavaScript, it made the integration of JavaScript coding easy to assign more classes and features in the Ajax web application. Thus, HTML and XML based library performs common tasks with templates of JavaScript coding, called the single line of code. DOM tree traversal, manipulation, XML documentation, and Ajax calls are major complex tasks of JavaScript programming, simplified by jQuery

JQuery is the most demanding library of JavaScript because of its application in Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Nokia, and IBM. Thus, it is part of multiple browsers as a designer of jQuery to overcome the issues of cross-browsers. Out of 10 million most popular websites, about 7.78 million websites have features and attributes integrated by jQuery. According to statistics, it is 3 to 4 times the most famous library of JavaScript for designing and developing websites. 


A tech-based organization ‘BarCamp’ NYC launched the jQuery library. An American software Engineer, John Resig developed and created a JavaScript library in January 2006.  He had inspiration from Dean Edwards, developer of CSS Query library. Initially, in 2006, the library of jQuery owned the licenses of CC BY-SA 2.5, GPL, and MIT software. However, the library has the license of a single software organization, commonly known as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Due to its fastest attributes and lightweight framework, its demand increased in web development. and by 2015, it was part of Javascript programming of about 67.8% of websites of 1 million websites. 

What Features make it most popular? 


Being a free and open-source DOM-oriented JavaScript library, Syntax of jQuery provides a wide variety of features. So, These include HTML manipulation, XML documentation, CSS styling, DOM tree traversal, animation, Ajax calls, and event handling. Hence, It enables web developers the creation of plug-ins, themes, templates of coding, abstractions for low-level interactions, and high-level effects of animation. Moreover, its further astonishing features are:

Selection of DOM elements

For the insertion of functionalities and attributes in JavaScript coding through the simplified mechanism, jQuery is the best option. Hence, its syntax enables the developers in the selection of HTML and DOM elements to introduce new features in the website. Thus, the Sign of $ is a major attribute, used to insert Javascript classes or attributes in the Ajax application.

DOM manipulation

For the arrangement of web pages on websites, the jQuery library utilizes the CSS selectors for elements and classes integration. Hence, this library introduces new attributes by using HTML and XML documents.  

Designing of plugin and themes

Thousands of JS designed plug-ins are available on the web for introducing new features, effects, and attributes in the coding of the Ajax application. So, It enables the developers to design the plug-in for their facilitation to introduce a new feature to the website. Variety of functionalities and theme-able widgets introduced for simple tasks like drag & drop, cookies handling, and dynamic listing. 

CSS styling and animation 

The most important feature of the jQuery library is the designing of complex attributes or methods of styling through one line code of JavaScript. Hence, it also integrates CSS programming language for different way-styling and effects. The animation is the leading attribute, only determined by the jQuery library.      

Event handling for asynchronous processing     

The leading attribute of the jQuery library is event handling or introducing the new strategy. That assists in redesigning and remolding the coding of JavaScript of a website. It integrates the DOM-based events in the syntax of JavaScript rather than HTML event attributes to make Ajax applications complex. 

Testing Automation framework

For analysis of jQuery project or Ajax application, a framework, known as Q-Units is effective. Hence, This is only one testing tool, designed for performance checking for the library. So, It analyses the code and plugins of JavaScript for Ajax applications. 


Being the most popular and effective DOM-oriented JavaScript library, jQuery assists in introducing more attributes with simple coding templates and plugins. It enables the developers to insertion of new elements and classes to make the Ajax applications. 

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