What is Cassowary (software)? Amazing facts Cassowary in 2022 What is Cassowary (software)? Amazing facts Cassowary in 2022

What is Cassowary (software)? Amazing facts Cassowary in 2022

Elegant Constraint-Based Layouts: Exploring the Magic of Cassowary

Extending series of JavaScript library. We are going to discuss Cassowary!

In this modern era, all the aspects of modern technology are upgrading from simple to complex modes. Hence, to provide extensive work efficiency for clients/users in task completion. Similarly, JavaScript was known as a programming language in the ’90s, now it has become an advanced coding tool with hundreds of libraries or modular frameworks. These JavaScript libraries introduced the ease in developing Ajax applications and complex websites for enhancing user experience. 

After the DOM-oriented libraries, the constraint programming libraries are famous for designing the software based on artificial intelligence, and operation research. Hence, the Cassowary JavaScript library is one of the leading incremental constraint solving toolkits. Therefore, it assists in providing the solution for systems based on linear inequalities and equalities.  

History of Cassowary JavaScript library:


Greg J. Badros, Alan Borning, and Peter J. Stuckey were American software developers, focused on object-oriented programming and user computer interactions. Thus, they finally developed a JavaScript library with the name of ‘Cassowary’ in 2000, to design the website with the feature of constraint programming. Their major struggles belonged to the implementation of the next step to Cascading Style Sheets. That is known as Constraint Cascading Style Sheets (CCSS). Therefore, the major purpose of designing the library was to introduce the constraints for client code specification. Thus, the optimization of the library for user interface appealed to the web developers for designing effective applications.    

Astonishing features of the constraint programming library 

Being a provider of the new extension, CCSS, the Cassowary library updates the variables for the satisfaction of constraints. Thus, the feature of supporting the layout constraints contributes to its popularity in major proportion. Hence, the property of CCSS enables the developers to design the layout of the web page conveniently. It allows to calculate the layout of the website and provide the solution of constraints. However, some other features make it more tempting which include; 

Constraints Comparators and Hierarchies

For designing conflict preferences, constraint hierarchies by the library provide the best functionalities. Hence, the strength of each constraint builds up a hierarchy system to induce the functionality in Ajax applications and websites. Moreover, the comparators provide possible compared solutions related to constraints and are proved as the best constraint integrant. It applies the metrics for inequality constraints to provide weighted-sum-better solutions for software.       

Adapting the Simplex Algorithm 

The Cassowary JavaScript library adapts the simplex algorithm to provide client-side problem solutions. Thus, it applies linear programming to insert attractive graphical representations. Hence, to boost up the response time of the website, the library inserts the algorithm. The library improves the user interfaces of the website to raise its response level. 

Designing of interacting and interface system 

The major component of the website is interactive graphical designs and developing an effective user interface system that defines its performance. The best customization option of the Cassowary library enhances the compatibility of the website for multiple browsers. 

Code designing languages of the library; 


A wide variety of languages join to design the make-over of coding in the Cassowary library. These languages include Smalltalk, Python, STK, C++, GNU Guile, and Java programming of original distribution which boosted its functionality for website designing. Moreover, the third-party implementation languages include Python, Squeak, Dart, Rust, Net framework, and JavaScript.   

Applications of Cassowary: 

The insertion of CCSS and its related properties made it more appealing for web developing companies and software houses. Due to designing on C++ and Java coding, its demands have increased in many application developing companies. However, the major applications of the Cassowary toolkit include the designing of layout languages which includes: 

  1. The layout language for the engine, GSS,  Gird designed in 2014, using the Cassowary toolkit library. Exhibited as the modern extension  
  2. To introduce ease in web development, designed another layout language ‘Layx’.  
  3. Another layout engine was Scwm, abbreviated as Scheme Constraints Window Manager. 
  4. Its application as an algorithm become popular by 2011 when used as layout engine of iOS and Mac OS X. 
  5. The development of Enaml’s layout engine was the major application of the library, which provides an optimizer of Cassowary linear constraint. 


With an extension system of CSS styling, the Cassowary library provides constraint programming with equality and inequality variables through a linear algorithm. It enables web developers to design new layout languages to enhance the website functionalities with interactive API.   

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