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Unleash Data’s Story: Transforming Insights with AnyChart Visualizations

Extending a series of JavaScript libraries, we are going to discuss AnyChart Js!

The Design and decoration determine the beauty of things in this apparent world. Similarly, graphics decides the beauty and representation of the websites and Ajax based-applications. However, it is too much difficult to customize the graphics by modifying the coding of programming language on the back-end of the website. So, many programming languages have pre-designed templates in the form of libraries which help to integrate the APIs, graphical features, and surfaces in the websites. 

Being a high-level programming language and its demand in web development, JavaScript introduced a wide variety of pre-designed templates or libraries. Among the various categories, one is the Graphical Java Library.  That includes a lot of libraries to customize the graphics, and API of websites. Thus, to introduce innovation in JavaScript programming, software engineers have designed the templates of coding for graphical integrations and customization. Hence, one of these astonishing JavaScript graphical libraries is AnyChart

However, it is a lightweight and flexible graphical JavaScript library, which makes it a more demanding library. According to reports, about 500 companies and thousands of industrial websites have integrated AnyChart JS chart to fulfill data visualization needs. Moreover, this JavaScript library enables to embed of interactive and good-looking dashboards websites. Thus, being an efficient JavaScript library of cross-platform and data visualization, it enables to build of interactive charts and dashboards.  

History of AnyChart library

In the beginning, AnyChart was available as a flash chart component and used by many computer technologies for graphical customization. Until 2003, this library served as a visualization of cXML data on various computer databases. Later on, Oracle modified the Flash chart component into Oracle Application Express (APEX) and licensed it also. Approximately after 5 years, in 2012, HTML5 supported AnyChart with the collaboration of SVG to introduce it as a JavaScript graphical library. Hence, the purpose of its design into the library was to preserve and publish permanent coding of it for next applications in web development. Moreover, the designing languages of this library were JavaScript majorly and HTML5 minorly.   

However, in 2017, the company of Oracle realized the need for more customization and introduced the AnyChart 8. x modular framework with 90 chart types. Thus, after two years, quilt sense (an analytics platform) integrated the library for visualization as an extension. 

The library is freely available for learning purposes, however, commercial use required paid version for various software designs. So, The open-source code of AnyChart is available on Git-hub, the purpose of the library was image synthesis through integration in the engine. 


Appealing Functions of JS chart-based library   

The AnyChart JS chart, being a lightweight, flexible and robust library, introduces great API, enterprise-grade support, and documentation. However, there is a wide range of features, induced by the library, which includes: 

Integration of various types of charts

from simple bar charts to complex pie charts, all of these become a crucial part of each website and application. Thus, these graphical components are visualized by pre-coded templates of the AnyChart JS chart library on web pages of websites. Sometimes, websites want to show the statistics of their business in form of annual growth.  And  this library provides the best graphical charts on the ‘about us page.  

Stock graphics with technical markers and analytics

Stock visualization is the most important component of all the software and websites related to some business. So, in this website, the graphical stocks are visualized through the integration of the AnyChart library which provides more than 90 charts for this purpose. Thus, Technical indicators or markers are the units of graphical representations of these stocks. 

Map integration for navigation 


Moreover, navigation and locating the client for best communication with the server is one of the major functionality of a website. Hence, this graphical JavaScript library assists in Map integration in websites or Ajax applications to address the needs of users. 

Customization of API in old designed websites 

With time, old designed websites show poor performance due to poor graphics. However, it provides the best graphical integration to customize the JavaScript coding of a website to renew it. As illustrated by different aspects, that visualization modification through graphical Java template changes its outlook.   


From chart to map graphics, integrated through the Anychart Js Chart library. From 2003 to 2021, about 500 business websites and their owners feel excited to integrate the library for innovative graphical APIs and surfaces.  

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