Beauty of JavaScript in Development in 2022 Beauty of JavaScript in Development in 2022

Beauty of JavaScript in Development in 2022

What is JavaScript?

As a beginner in Programming, most developers seem in search of a more demanding and easy language for learning. JavaScript is the best option for them. So, It is user friendly, flexible, and highly interpreted programming language. Hence, The second attribute used for JavaScript is ECMAScript. Therefore, you can consider it as the official name of the programming language. As a high programming language, JavaScript is the best core technology of the World Wide Web. Thus, the multi-paradigm, dynamic typing, prototyping, and object orientation are the features. That marks it as the leading programming language of the system. 

It will be weird to know that 97% of websites for browsers use the high-level language of programming for high impressiveness and functionality. So, The working ability of high-level language on application programming interfaces API. Hence, it helps to embed text styling, dates, and data structure to design mobile or desktop user-friendly applications. Before throwing light on the advancement of JavaScript as the high programming language. Let us go through the invention and its background.  

History of JavaScript


Since 1993, the designing of the first scripting language known as Netscape Navigator, the Netscape shocked the browser designing organization. To add more functionality to web pages on browsers, Netscape collaborated with Sun Microsoft to launch a high programming language, more efficient than Java. 

Brendan Eich was an American Software Engineer, and Technologist. He has the advantage of designing a high-level programming language, JavaScript in 10 days. It was introduced by Netscape in September 1995. The syntax of the language was more similar to Java but less likely to the Scripting language. The language was formerly known as Live Script, but after its original release in the market, it is called JavaScript

At that time, JavaScript was the reviver of HTML styling and attributes. Supporting CSS and HTML extension initially by 1997, this presented the unique implementations of the website for both types of browsers.  

Features of JavaScript

Being the most demanding client-end scripting language. Almost 97% of websites on the browser are designed with JavaScript. Hence, it adds more functionality to the website by embedding scripts in its coding. Due to the designing of all web browsers on the JS engine. Therefore, the executing of coding becomes convenient on the user’s device. Thus, the categorization of features offered by this high- programming language will help.  That find out your solution. So, here are dominating feature of high programming language are given as below

1. Commanding and organized 

The feature of designing more structured programming Syntax than C++ and Java, makes it scoping in website development. Thus, JavaScript has a specificity of referring to the named entity by “var”. Because of the overwhelming feature of JavaScript, there is automatic semicolon insertion than C. As, the Creation of distinction between expression and statements is similar to that of C.

2. Prototype-based orientation

The specialty of JavaScript is designing prototypes with the objects like data structures, variables, methods, and functions. The keyword of each object help to put its syntax in coding, either by dot notation or bracket notion. It allows the addition and deletion of any object property for your convenience. 

3. Dynamic language

JavaScript follows up the rules of assigning the property that decides the functionalities and modules of the website. The dynamically typed include representation of value, not the expression. A sequence of characters like a string is a property that can be assigned multiple times. 

4. Security

It is the only language that ensures security for both client and developer. As it allows the client to run the scripts through the web. Through two general restriction ways, security is maintained. Firstly the sandbox is used to run the web-related actions, and second, same-originally designed scripts have not access to information of another website. Caja project assists in the safe embedding of third-party JavaScript

Two subsets of this programming language maintain the security of third-party designed codes. 

  1. AD safe
  2.  ECMA Script

5. Functional

In programming terminology, the functional means a set of instructions as a unit performs a specific task. The function is assumed as an object of property. The function of JavaScript is an attribute that assigns the properties and methods to the objects. A nested function is also a distinguishing feature of this high programming language. 

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Just like other meanings of the word “library”, the JavaScript library is a collection of pre-written programs. That can be used in the development of front-end interfaces of various applications or websites. The JS library is also an important attribute as 80% of websites are designed by using these third-party scripts. 

The web Framework as software framework assists in the development of web applications by using web sources, and interfaces. The social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Gmail require the libraries to add proper functionalities to them. 

The JavaScript libraries assist the developer to deliver dynamic features of Ajax applications. There are different categories of JavaScript libraries, used to add functionalities to applications or websites.

Beauty of JavaScript in Development in 2022


1. DOM oriented

  • Google Polymer
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • jQuery
  • Midori
  • MooTools
  • Prototype JavaScript Framework

2. Constraint Programming

• Cassowary (software)

• CHR.js

3. Graphical Java libraries

  • AnyChart
  • Babylon.js
  • Chart.js
  • Cytoscape
  • D3.js
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • FusionCharts
  • Google Charts
  • Highcharts
  • JavaScript Info Vis Toolkit
  • p5.js
  • Plotly
  • Processing.js
  • Raphaël
  • RGraph
  • SWFObject
  • Teechart
  • Three.js
  • Velocity.js
  • Verge3D
  • Webix

4. Graphical User Interface

  • Angular (the application platform) by Google
  • AngularJS by Google
  • Bootstrap
  • Dojo Widgets
  • Ext JS by Sencha
  • Foundation by ZURB
  • jQuery UI
  • jQWidgets
  • OpenUI5 by SAP
  • Polymer (library) by Google
  • qooxdoo
  • React.js by Facebook
  • Vue.js
  • Webix
  • WinJS
  • Svelte 

5. Pure JavaScript Ajax

  • Google Closure Library
  • Joose
  • JsPHP
  • Microsoft’s Ajax library
  • MochiKit
  • PDF.js
  • Rico
  • Socket.IO
  • Spry framework
  • Underscore.js

6. Unit testing 

  • Jasmine
  • Mocha
  • QUnit
  • Unit.js

7. Template Systems

  • Cascade Framework
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Mustache
  • Jinja-JS
  • Twig.js

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