Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist

Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist

Have you ever wondered if your friends, family, or favorite artists secretly admire the playlists you create on Spotify?

Are they fans of the same music as you and applauding your song selections, or do they want to download Spotify songs to mp3 from your list? 

With billions of active users on Spotify, it can be difficult to tell who’s listening in. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to find out—you need to know how.

Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist
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Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

You can’t see detailed information on who liked your playlist but get ready to discover all the secrets hidden in Spotify’s user base, and Can you see who liked your Spotify playlist?

The method is very simple:

  • First, select your “library” and click your “profile icon”
  • Second, “View profile” and then click “Playlists”
  • Finally, Under each playlist, the counting of choice will appear.

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How To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist On iPhone

Who liked your Spotify playlist? If you have an iPhone, it can be easily accomplished with Spotify Premium iPhone!

You can select the “like” button on the playlist’s page. When you hit that button, a list of who has liked it will appear below with their names listed.

It can be fun to find out who’s enjoyed your music and see how far your playlists can reach!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling nosy and want to know if someone, in particular, has liked a playlist, scroll through and locate their name on the list for an easy answer!

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How to See Your Spotify Playlist Liked Counts on Android

Are you interested in seeing how many likes your Spotify playlist has received on Android? The process is quick and easy!

  • Open the playlist from your library and the song list within it. 
  • Once you have selected a track within it, you will see the like count directly underneath
  • You can also choose to like or dislike each song to adjust the total count accordingly
  • To quickly identify which songs were liked or disliked, look for the gold heart icon near each song – this indicates that people liked it.

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 It is a great way to track how popular your playlist is among your listeners.

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How To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist On Laptop

To view who has followed a playlist on your laptop, click on the playlist of your choice. You can find this by clicking;

  • “Your Library” tab in the “bottom left corner” of your screen.
  • Then “select Playlists”.
  • Once you’ve opened up your “desired playlist”, select “Followers” in the “top right corner”.
  • It will bring up a list of users who have liked and followed your playlist – easy!

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Liked Counts on PC
Liked Counts on PC
Liked Counts on PC

If you can’t find it, keep playing around – it’s there. Voila, now all that’s left to do is appreciate those dedicated followers!

How to See Your Playlist Like Counts in Spotify on Mac

Want to know how many people are rockin’ to your sweet beats on Spotify? It’s easy to see your playlist like counts with Mac.

  • First, open the ‘desktop application.’ Select the playlist you want to view and pick the more options button (the three vertical dots).
  • Now all that remains is selecting ‘view counts.’ Spotify will then show you bold-faced numbers representing followers and likes on each of your tracks. 

It’s that simple! With this feature, you can track the popularity of your favorite playlists or look at stats to determine which of your playlists is resonating with fellow Spotify fans.

Can You See Who Liked Someone Else’s Spotify Playlist

If you’ve ever been curious about who is supporting your Spotify playlist, there can be a way to get that information and select multiple songs on Spotify in your playlist. With a free or premium account, you can see which of your friends have liked and followed the playlist you created.

Even though people can add songs to their playlists without actively liking them, it can nonetheless still help give you a general idea of what kind of popularity and followership your playlist has.

Ultimately, it offers insight into how many people your music has connected with, making the quest to find out who liked your playlist simply another perk of the Spotify experience.

How To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist Hack

Have you ever wanted to know who liked your Spotify playlist? That can be tricky to figure out, but you can see who’s been enjoying your music with a clever hack. Start by using the search bar in Spotify under “Social” and type in the name of your playlist.

It will bring up a list of users that follow your playlist — meaning they can hear when you update it with new songs. Keep an eye out for anyone you recognize!

To ensure that the list of followers is up-to-date, hit the refresh button often, so no one accidentally misses out. With this nifty hack, you can see who liked your Spotify playlist to make sure that all of your music gets the attention it deserves!

Why Can’t I See Who Liked My Spotify Playlist

It can be frustrating to create and share a playlist, only to not know how many users appreciate it by liking it.

Unfortunately, this is simply part of using recently released streaming platforms. To prevent people from digitally harassing other users, Spotify purposely obfuscates the details about who has liked a particular playlist.

As such, there is no way of knowing who has given the playlist ‘likes’ from a user level. However, creating playlists on the platform can still be beneficial; new followers can discover your playlists and hopefully help you get more listeners!

Can Others See Your Liked Playlists On Spotify

Spotify can be a great way to discover new music and find shared interests with others. But can others view the playlists you like? The answer is yes.

It’s important to remember that when you ‘like’ a playlist on Spotify, this can be seen by other users if they look at your profile. Additionally, anybody with access to certain information can also see who has liked playlists.

However, it’s possible to add a privacy setting so only you can view liked playlists, meaning no one else can see them. It can be helpful to be mindful of this so that you can control what your followers can or can not see – can others see who liked your playlist?

Now you know how to make sure the answer stays ‘no.’

Does Spotify Notify You When Someone Likes Your Playlist

Spotify notifies users when someone likes one of their publicly available playlists. Whenever someone follows or saves a playlist you have created and shared, you can get notified via the App or email.

It can be helpful if you want to gain more followers and interact with new people interested in your music taste.

You can also check who followed your playlist directly in the App by going to the ‘followers’ section in the ‘Your Library’ tab.

This feature can help you better understand what genre or kind of song attracts more followers among all the tracks in your playlist. Therefore, Spotify can give effective insight into music users’ preferences and create more tailored playlists for them later.

Can You Hide Your Playlist?

You may be concerned about your playlist privacy if you have a Spotify account. Fortunately, there is an easy way to ensure your playlists remain hidden from prying eyes.

You can set any of your playlists to private so that only approved people can view what tracks are included in them.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ Tab on Spotify and select ‘Privacy’ to adjust who can see your playlist. 
  • It means that if someone likes a track in a private playlist, they won’t be able to share it since they don’t have access to it. 
  • Furthermore, you will receive an alert whenever someone tries to access one of your lists, notifying you that someone is attempting to view them. 
  • This feature allows users to protect their music selections and enjoy their favorite tunes with peace of mind.


While it can be difficult to tell who’s listening in on your Spotify playlists, there are a few ways you can see who liked them.

On both laptops and iPhones, you can view this information by going to the ‘Followers’ tab on your profile. You can see and share the list of all the people who follow you and like your playlists.

So next time you’re wondering; can you see who liked your Spotify playlist and secretly admired your musical taste, take a look at your follower list!

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