Enhancing Reality: Exploring Augmented Reality

Bringing the Virtual to Life: Unleashing the Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the top trend of the moment. So, it means that we are overlying the digital element to the real world. In AR, we still see the real world, but it is augmented with digital elements. e.g., notations and images. There is no need to use glasses to look into the digital world. Instead of Virtual Reality, where we wear glasses. And blend all the environments that we are standing in.

Augumented Reality

Extending series of technology blogs, we are moving next towards Augmented reality

Augmented Reality

It is real imagination, achieved through the digital imaging, sound effects of any technology, in the physical world. Therefore, you see things, notations, and images flouting in your surroundings, creating the imagination world. The trend of AR is common in IoT manufacturing companies and business organizations. Where this technology makes the elaboration of each concept easy through 3D imaging of objects.

Examples of AR

The most common example includes Google glass, in which we look at things, notations, and images. But we cannot use the simple tools of mobile like cameras. We all have heard about the game Pock man Go, which is the first example of Augmented reality. The most common example is the filters of Snap chat, in which you can put up a crown, big ears, and nose on your face which does not exist in reality.

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

The virtual reality helps to move into the imagination world by utilizing the special type of gadgets, like high tech glasses that alters the real world. In this, users usually watch the animated objects or images, revolving around them. The virtual viewing gadgets make the user step into a different world. But in the case of augmented reality, the scenario is different. Users experience the real imaging of objects, people, and notations in their physical world, achieved through technology. It puts the digital images or videos on living around the users by using IoT devices, like HD cameras and AR glasses.Augmented Reality

How augmented reality works?

Augmented reality is an excellent feature to switch the real world into digital imaging surroundings by using display screens. It includes the 3D images, videos, and notations that explain the problems through visual aids. You might have attended a scientific conference, in which all the process and experimentation is shown through moving objects and bodies. This real imagination makes your concepts clear. So, it engages the audience more than any other strategy. Thus, the same case is with the business conference, in which a presenter explains the whole strategy of their company and manufacturing process through these real 3D objects.

Devices used for AR

Now a question arises that how Augmented Reality operates. Which devices are necessary to support the real-world imagination. Therefore, the answer includes a variety of IoT devices that facilitates the implementation of 3D imaging in this world.

1. Display up Screens: 

The real staging of 3D images and object require a proper input device like display-up screens. It throws the images into the physical world.

2. Smartphones: 

Smart devices like mobile phones and tablets are the best option to display objects in the environment.

3. Head-mounted glasses and lenses: 

Likewise VR, in some cases, augmented reality is obtained through 3D glasses and lenses. The audience wears these head-mounted glasses to step into the imagination world.

Application of AR

Augmented Reality is an emergent technology, aims to revolutionize the world with digital images. Making clear the things and connecting the people to a new 3D world.

1. Gaming industry

It is the era of online gaming. In which we see the moving characters and objects in front of us. These images look clearer than the real ones and elevate the gaming experience. Most gaming companies are introducing new applications of games that rise the industry.

2. Entertainment

The majority of us have the experience of watching 3D movies and animations. It is the field in which augmented reality is implicated. In the Jurassic series, you might have seen huge dinosaurs and dragons that are far from the real world.

3. Business 

The top-rated companies and business organizations like to innovate their meeting strategy with AR. The application of Augmented Reality is observed in conferences and meetings. Through the AR, there is no need for a physical visit. The whole process is on your meeting table through display screens.

4. Education

The AR is the best option to elaborate the whole research process in an education conference for a scientist. The moving objects and 3D images fit best in the mind of students. And increase their involvement in the class.

5. Health care

The AR elaborates the general precautions of disease in front of the public. So the health department takes the help of media to display the images and animated characters on their screen. Therefore, AR is enhancing the awareness among the general public.

Disadvantages of AR

Going through the applications of AR, do not forget to discuss the downsides of this expensive technology. Here we are enlisting some common disadvantages in the following;

  1. Being an emerging technology, it is too expensive, to install such technology for meetings of SMEs. So, avoid using it.
  2. AR is a technology that does not take care of privacy. That is why it is less common in secret agencies.
  3. Complete training is the basic requirement to install the AR technology in any firm and institute.


No doubt augmented reality provides the chance to put the real world in 3D imagination around us. But, being an expensive technology. Its application in all the fields is not possible. Somehow, we agreed to use it for meaningful full purposes. Thanks

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