What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences

What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences

From Code to Creativity: Navigating the Realm of Web Development

Over two billion internet users throughout the world perform their tasks or operation by using various websites. A general estimate reveals that more than I billion websites are operational on a different browser. From the 1990s to 2021, their number crossed over 1,197, 982, 359. So, this figure of a website is the fruit of a process, known as Web Development.

Extending series of development blog, we are moving towards website development !

One line concept of Web Development

The process of building and designing of website with different pages and media sources is called as Web development. So, It is the only process, happening backstage to make it more attractive, efficient, and fast. The type of programming language decides the functionality of the website and its task-performing capability.

Hence, Web development is the only platform that enables the computer and other devices to work properly. It ranges from a single-page website to complex software, including game application development, eCommerce website, and social media platforms. The field of web development is very vast, which comprises web designing, web engineering, web server, web content development, and web scripting. To count its advantages, we have to go through the website development process. Before further discussion let us have a look at the history of web development.

History of Web development

Thus the history of the website is not far back. The first website was designed by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, in 1989. At CERN, he developed the first website as a platform for sharing automated information between scientists, learners, and different other universities. After two years of the first attempt, from 1991 to 1993, the world introduced to the new technology of the World Wide Web, known as www. And Now all of us using thousands of application websites which became possible due to research of Tim Berners-Lee.

How does a developer build a website?

There are thousands of software houses that hire web developers, design websites by following a simple agile module. Hence, website development consists of three major pillars, front-end development, back-end development, and content writing. So, let us move into the discussion by elaborating on each aspect.

1. Front-end Development

What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences

This is the page or multiple pages or section of a website, a user sees by opening a particular website. It represents the content portion, media sources, and effects. If the website is concerned with software or program, then this part includes the tools and technology to perform a specific task.

So, the development of the front end comprises of layout, design, and functionality of the website, which is designed by using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages. The visual side of the website is its front end which has different looks, drag & drop options, and text styling.

2. Back end Development

The back end is a flip side, which a developer deals with to maintain the interaction between the user side and server-side. Hence, It is the working room of the developer where he puts the coding language to design the visual look of pages on the website. Therefore, the programming language which he selects decides the operational efficiency and task performing capability of the website.
If there is no proper management on the back-end, you would not appreciate the visual look of the website. The back end of the website aligns the hosting server, application, and database of the website in one line.

3. Content Writing

What is Web Development? Shaping Online ExperiencesThe last but not the least part of website development is its explanatory content which represents the purpose of the website. The website may be of different types like blog, homepage, eCommerce, portfolio, landing page, social media websites, and directory pages. Therefore, the type of the website decides the content which is text and media files. It includes the description, information, review, and call to action in form of texts. So, different styling of text and media content can decorate the visual look of the website.

Advantages of Web development

From online digital platforms to mobile applications, all are fruits of web development. Thus, it innovates the era of technology by providing a base for it. So, all the IoT devices will be useless if the web development does not decorate them with its applications. Here we are enlisting some applications that could explain its importance very well.

1. Digital Marketing

What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences

It is an era of an online digital market that is supporting almost all brands to showcase their products on services through eCommerce websites. Different business organization or firms take the website as advertisement tool which represents their vision to the whole world. So, this website may contain the description and reviews of products.

2. Education and information

Blog websites and education websites provide the research articles, posts, and data that educate the visitors. Furthermore, different Universities and educational institute upload their research, information, and vision to learners worldwide.

3. Mobile Application

The IoT devices we use in our daily life consists of thousands of application that run its programs. So, these applications include games, social media, entertainment, and other data storing websites that innovated mobile technology. Approximately 85% of operations of an IoT device depend upon these apps for efficiency.

Future of Website development

What is Web Development? Shaping Online Experiences

It is damn true that the coming era will be under technology. And the technology requires various software and application for its better performance. Thus, it’s a more demanding field of the modern era which aims to innovate the world with advancements. Therefore, In few coming years, different organizations or fields need more websites for their placement in the market. So, all routine works like ordering food and groceries, accessing research data, and marketing depend upon the website development.

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