What is 5G? How 5G is innovating our life? What is 5G? How 5G is innovating our life?

What is 5G? How 5G is innovating our life?

 What is 5G?

5G is the next step to 4G, 3G, 2G, and 1G respectively. It offers higher Gbps to enhance the quality of the data network. In 2019, for the first time, all of us come across the word 5G. It is a type of advancement in the global wireless internet. It will help to connect a large number of networks, machines, and devices.

Higher data quality and wide connectivity is the main theme behind the launching of 5G technology. This innovation will provide more reliability, more speed, and massive network capacity. 5G technology will be the leading in the world of data speed.

Who invented 5G?

The invention of 5G is not a plan of a single company. Various companies worked together under a single ecosystem to introduce 5G technology in the market. Qualcomm provided many foundational technologies to invent 5G, the next step to high-speed wireless internet.

The invention of 5G become possible due to 3GPP, driving global technologies of 3G UMTS and 4LTE.

Why 5G?


With advancements in technology, there is a need for a high-speed network that can make possible the fast and safe transfer of large data files within seconds.

5G will make the possible high-speed internet, as 10 gigabits per second, revolutionizing data networking.

5G offers a better networking site due to its authenticity and efficiency. 5G will enable massive data transfer in a high-speed and efficient way.

The 5G technology aims to revive data speed and networking. It will not replace the Wi-Fi network but offer the best alternative. It will increase the data speed of other wireless networks and much more.

How is 5G different from previous generations?

The most significant point to address is “how 5G is better than previous generations like 4G, 3G, 2G, and 1G”. The justification is as with the passage of time and modern technology, the speed of data by 4G, 3G, and 2G seems to be useless during large data transfer and in terms of speed. Those generations do not provide efficient connections in a crowded place.

Some high-tech organizations e.g., satellites and NASA, require more efficient technology to receive information from different space shuttles. 4G is not the best solution to take high-resolution images in nanoseconds.

Effect of 5G on the global economy 

The analyst and researcher predict that the 5th generation of networking will revolutionize the world in terms of technology and the global economy. It will renovate the optimization of delivery of large data files, user experience, and decision making.

It will create 22.3 million job opportunities in the 5G global chain, generating 13.2 trillion dollars by the year 2035 in the world market. China will produce a revenue of 44 billion US dollars through 5G technology in 2030.

Applications of 5G

  • Enhancement in the quality data network

5G will provide reliable connectivity, high speed, and enhanced quality of data that will save the time of data transfer.

  • Live to a stream of broad-band

It will introduce new data speed for live streaming of entertainment shows like a sports event and live NEWS transmission.

  • Industrial organizations

5G will revolutionize the infrastructure of industries e.g. vehicle, medical, and machine technology.

  • Mobile broadband

For innovation in smartphones, 5G will provide uniform streaming of the internet with high speed and massive connectivity.

How fast is 5G?


Qualcomm technologies aimed to introduce 5G with a peak data rate of 20 Gbps based on IMT-2020. Rather than high-speed data, it offers more network capacity by using a high spectrum like mmWave.

It allows network connectivity among a broad range of devices, facilitating the best user experience even in crowded places.

Is 5G available now?

Since 2019, as China introduces the 5th generation of a network in the market, operators and providers start launching it. Different mobile manufacturers are introducing new 5G phones. That will enable the consumers to connect with this new generation of networks.

The 5G technology has started in 60 or more countries by 2020. Technology lovers are excited to enjoy the 5G and its services. The remaining Countries are struggling to launch the 5G by the next few months.

Do I need a recent phone for 5G?

All mobile phone companies are launching new mobile models that will be compatible with the 5th generation of networks. The old mobile phone cannot proceed with 5G, so there is a need to update phone technology that can assist 5G data networking.

Some mobile phone manufacturers have already launched 5G mobile phones to support wireless technology. By the year 2021, it is predicted that 5G become available in almost all parts of the world. To enjoy services of 5G on your device, you have to update it.

The disadvantage of 5G

  • Radiofrequency

There is a mess of radio frequencies in our environment, like satellites, cell towers, and radios. All of these signals operate at 6 hz. The signals of 5G have to stream by competing with all the previous in the environment.

  • Less coverage with high bandwidth

As all towers were proceeding on 3G or 4G networking, there is a need to update all cell towers that can operate with high bandwidth of 5G.

How dangerous will be 5G?

With the too many advantages, it is predicted by health researchers and medical experts, that radiations of 5G and its effects will more dangerous on human health as well as for other living organisms.

It will induce behavioral changes in all living organisms including human beings. According to reports of WHO, the high resonance of this radiation can generate mutations in the cell that will lead to a different kind of cancer.

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