Exploring Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future

Empowering the Future with Artificial Intelligence

In this modern and advanced age, gadgets perform all tasks, from household chores to office work. When you catch sight of the term Artificial Intelligence or AI, the first thought that arises is that it might denote a form of intelligence created by machines, software, or robots. Then you are right! AI is the insertion of the best qualities of human intelligence through a programmed way into the machines or software.

In technical terms, artificial intelligence is defined as a branch of computer science which deals with designing smart gadgets, machines, or software that are more efficient in performing assigned tasks without any error. It typically requires human intelligence or instructions to operate the programs.

What are the main types?

Exploring Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future

Seven main types of AI are listed as follows.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

The most common and easily accessible type of Artificial intelligence can do short-term tasks. For example, Google Chrome is available with your single click to search out any term, and location.


This type of Artificial intelligence utilizes the theoretical ability of intelligent agents for learning any academic or intellectual tasks, ordinarily based on human intelligence. For instance, different statistical software (e.g., SPSS) is used to find out the solution of the problems.


As the name indicates, this type of Artificial intelligence suppresses human abilities and can do even better than a human being. For the best understanding of super artificial intelligence, think about robots or gadgets that can detect even a minor mistake or error in few seconds.

Responsive Machines

Responsive machines perform basic tasks in a well-organized manner. Simply you have to give input, the machines will provide you a solution in form of output. E.g. a simple or scientific calculator which provides the solution of a mathematical problem instantly.

Restricted Memory

This type of artificial intelligence machine or software stores previous data or files to analyze recent ones. However, it can preserve previous data to a limited instant because of its restricted memory. While designing this type of A.I., researchers/engineers settle on a limit up to which it can restore data.

Theory of Mind

That type of AI is quite different from others as it follows human emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Seems to be very interesting that how machines can take care of human emotions. Let us explain to you with a simple example as Google maps guides you about short routes and lengthy routes to avoid your time wastage.


This type of artificial intelligence is truly based on myth. Researchers aim to develop AI that can solve tricky problems without human involvement in the future. This will be independent artificial intelligence.

How does AI works?

Exploring Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future

The aims behind designing this technology are ‘to overcome error by human intelligence’ and to perform tasks quickly to save time. The next question that arises in the mind of the reader that How does AI works?” 

The answer to this question is quite interesting and amazing. As discussed above, that artificial intelligence is a programmed machine or software in which marked abilities of human intelligence in a well-organized way are implanted.

Artificial intelligence works on principles of reasoning, thinking and then provides the ultimate problem of solution. All of these processes initially require human intelligence and then proceeds data through artificial intelligence to give a final solution.

Examples of AI

To illustrate the importance of AI, you should have to go through examples of artificial intelligence that facilitate us in our daily life in each profession.

  • Robotics
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Healthcare assisting and diagnostic machines
  • Learning and teaching software
  • Finance and banking machines e.g. ATM
  • Transportation & traveling apps e.g., Google map service
  • Mobile search browsers
  • Social media apps e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Digital marketing apps and E-commerce websites

Applications of AI

What is Artificial intelligence? How does AI works?

After the first successful program of artificial intelligence built by Christopher Strachey in the 1950s, the struggles to design better gadgets or software to implant Artificial intelligence become fast. As time went on, the demand for AI increased in almost all fields of life. Some of the applications of intelligence are discussed below

  • In scientific and academic research, scientists and scholars frequently utilize AI tools, providing unique and human error-free results.
  • In the healthcare sector, doctors and medical professionals utilize AI-based machines for diagnostic and treatment purposes, such as in the chemo and physiotherapy of cancerous tumors.
  • A.I is also applicable for cybersecurity as it operates successfully in data protection and provides efficient checkout for crimes.
  • Its demanding application is observable in digital marketing, where it aids in operating various e-commerce websites that facilitate the delivery of desired products or services to your doorstep.
  • In the gaming and sports field, A.I is applying tools to analyze the performance of field players, trainers, and coaches.
  • A.I is also applicable in the entertainment industry as the production of animated and science fiction-based movies.

Future of Artificial intelligence

As Artificial intelligence replacing human working power in each field, it is assumed that in the future it will completely alter the real meaning of life. Scientists and AI builders aim to design such gadgets or robots that can perform all operations without human involvement. More investors are taking interest to launch some unique and different AI programs that can break through previous ones. It seems like the impact of AI is every-where.


Throughout the article, you have learned about artificial intelligence,its applications, and how artificial intelligence works to bring out ease in human life. But too much reliance on AI Intelligence programs or software to perform daily routine tasks can reduce your thinking capabilities.

Try to find out the solution to problems on your own, if it became time-consuming then, consult Arti intelligence software for the ultimate solution. Along with aim of “making life easier” can draw humanity away from the actual purpose of life.

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