FusionCharts XT: Powerful Data Visualization Features

Unveiling FusionCharts XT: A Comprehensive JavaScript Library for Data Visualization

Extending series of  JavaScript Libraries, we are going to discuss FusionCharts XT.

With advancements in technology, the programming languages of computers became more functional for the best user experience. Hence, JavaScript is one of the most demanding languages of the era due to its high level of features integration in websites and Ajax-based applications. However, sometimes web designers find it difficult to assign classes or elements for particular features in coding. Thus, the needs and troubleshoots of web designers are compensated properly by pre designed JavaScript templates of coding. 

So, These JavaScript templates, somehow, called JavaScript libraries or frameworks. Among these JavaScript libraries, one is Fusion Charts XT  belongs to the category of Graphical Java libraries. Hence, it integrates graphical features in the dashboard with more than 50 charts.

FusionCharts XT: Powerful Data Visualization FeaturesThus, the library enhances the credibility of reports, surveys, analytics, and monitors with various kinds of Charts. The JavaScript library of Fusion Charts XT also supports other products of InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd. That includes Fusion Widgets XT, Fusion Maps XT, and Power Charts XT. So, all of these JavaScript products assist in data visualization in form of charts, treemaps, hierarchies, geographical maps, pyramids, and much more.

Is FusionCharts XT free?

FusionCharts offers both free and paid versions. The free version, FusionCharts Free, has limited features compared to the full-featured commercial versions.

Is FusionCharts any good?

FusionCharts is widely regarded as a reliable and popular data visualization tool. It offers a wide range of chart types, extensive customization options, and great documentation. Many users find it intuitive to use and appreciate its flexibility in displaying complex data sets in visually appealing ways. However, the usefulness of FusionCharts ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences, so it is recommended to try out the free trial or demo version before making a decision.

History of FusionCharts XT 

For designing beautiful dashboards of websites, InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd designed a lot of products since 2001. Being a private software designing company, it came into existence in 2001 in Kolkata and its founder was Pallav Nadhani. Now, the company is a worldwide distributor of data visualization and graphical products. Moreover, their worldwide distribution manages to make a noticeable customer community in more than 120 countries and statistics of the user exceeds above 500,000.

Thus, major technology designing companies e.g. NASA, Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Cisco, Intel, ZOHO, Nokia, Tibco, IBM, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard. Thus, the first product of the company was Fusion Charts XT, released in 2003 to garnish the dashboards of applications and websites for different devices. Later on, its extension products of JavaScript Charts, maps, widgets revolutionized techniques of data visualization and integration of graphical features in dashboards. From 2003 till the present, Fusion chart and its related JavaScript products succeeded in earning revenue of $4.5 million only by 2011. 

 Features of FusionCharts XT 

For designing interactive and responsive interfaces of websites, Fusion Charts XT comes up with various extensions for the ease of web designers. Moreover, its integration in websites is more convenient due to extensive documentation, Consistent API, and cross-browsers support. Hence, building the dashboards with a library enables the designer to integrates a wide variety of charts. So, supported by 50 different charts from simple to domain-specific charts which give innovation of data visualization. More astonishing features of the Graphical library includes: 

Extensive documentation

A major tempting feature of the JavaScript library is that of extensive documentation and flexibility for multiple programming languages. So, the extensive documentation feature of the library facilitates the web designer to integrate it with a different types of coding and programming languages.  


With more than 2000 Maps and 100 charts, it assists to gain access to different types of charts, maps, and gauges for data visualization. Hence, the library design smart default charts that are easily configurable. And it suggests automatically the chart design according to data types and their scattering.         

Support for a different type of Frameworks

Some of the libraries are not compatible to work with other JavaScript libraries or sometimes cause an issue for the server. However, it interacts with different other JavaScript libraries like jQuery, React, Angular, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, and much more. Hence, it enhances the graphical feature of websites along with its other functionalities to elevates the user experience.     

Easy to integrate into Coding and active roadmap 

With convenient integration of JavaScript library into the coding, it also can create a chart in just 15 minutes. Hence, artificial intelligence detects and provides a list of charts as suggestions. Moreover, it fixes bugs, and also supports a customer-driven roadmap.  

Support for modern and old browsers      

Some libraries are not intractable and functional on old browsers. But it runs on multiple browsers including old and modern both. Examples of browsers include google chrome, IE8, and much more. 


The graphical features of Fusion Charts XT are similar to other Java libraries, but this only library that provides 50 different types of chart illustration. From simple pie, line charts to tree maps, all enhance its demand as a data visualization JavaScript library.

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