Growth of Chart. JS in 2022 Growth of Chart. JS in 2022

Growth of Chart. JS in 2022

whether buying or designing anything on their own, the graphical representation and physical appearance matter a lot Chart JS. A similar case is with websites whose data visualization impacts users and reveals the major purpose of its development. 

However, JavaScript, being the major programming language of this modern era, offers a wide variety of pre-designed templates, known as JavaScript libraries. So, among the categories of these libraries, one is Graphical JavaScript libraries used to integrate graphical features in a website. 

Moreover, about 25 graphical libraries are used by developers, each with distinguishing and specific features. One of these astonishing libraries is Chart. JS graphical framework, famous among web designers due to the feature of data visualization in form of charts. Before evaluating the features and functionalities of the JavaScript library, let us move towards its history and the reasons behind its design. 

History of Chart. Js in graphical designing 

Due to extreme demands of data visualization for business websites, the Chart. JS graphical library was designed in 2013. Yet, the credit of designing such the latest JavaScript library goes to Nick Dawnie, as front-end developer of London, who worked with a team of Chart JS on this graphical library. Being the latest innovation of web designers, it contains astonishing features, extracted from another graphical library in a more efficient form. According to the estimates, this is the second most popular library for chart interpretation on GitHub with more downloads. 

Moreover, the author of the library claims of designing an open-source library with an HTML5 chart to enhance its data visualization functions. Hence, its first official release of 2.9.4 version Chart JS was observed in October 2020. Till the day, one more 3.0.0-beta.13 version of library released in March 2021. Thus, This Graphical JavaScript library is licensed under MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Hence, the library supports 8 types of charts along with coding, written in JavaScript. so, these types of charts of the library include area, pie, line, bar, radar, polar, scatter and bubble.  

Chart JS

Tempting features of Chart JS library   

As an open-source graphical modular of JavaScript, Chart JS is one of the Best JavaScript libraries among others due to HTML5 canvas rendering and outstanding data visualization. Moreover, it is more convenient for web designers to customize their coding according to the needs of data graphics and their interpretations. Hence, more feature astonishing features include:

Simplicity and flexibility feature

Being an open-source graphical JavaScript library, Chart JS comes up with more flexibility. So, the library is an easily customizable and adjustable pre-designed template that integrates with JavaScript coding to enhance its data visualization feature. As a community-maintained project of JavaScript, it welcomes all types of contributions and customization.    

Multiple types of Chart graphics

Mainly, The Chart JS offers two types of charts; one is Mixed chart types and another New chart axis type. Moreover, first deals with the combined interaction of bar and lines which innovates the look of statistical interpretations. Hence, it provides clear visualizations and distinctions between datasheets. Another type of chart considers sparse datasets, plots complex and logarithmic interpretations of data statistics. All of these charts have ease of customization from time to time updating.       

Responsive Chart designing 

Another most astonishing feature of Chart JS is customizing coding and it redraws charts according to the size of the window. Thus, this is the only library that has the functionality of resizing the visualizing charts for perfect scale granularity.    

Animation of everything 

Chart JS

For more beautiful data interpretations, it is crucial to introduce the animating features in it. And the Chart JS is the only library that addresses the needs of animations. So, the animation includes drawing the stunning transitions coming out of the box and updates the data visualization. Hence, it also updates the colours, textures, and designs of chart shapes. 

Designing over HTML5 Canvas

To enhance the performance of this graphical JavaScript library, HTML5 canvas integration helps a lot. Thus, the rendering of Chart JS over the HTML5 Canvas enhances its functionality and helps to run on modern browsers. 


Being the latest JavaScript Graphical Library, Chart JS come up with the second position in popularity due to extreme downloading and star rating. Moreover, Dwaine’s innovation of JavaScript library designing helps the Web designers for showing the more advanced features in data visualization. Hence, with 8 different types of charts, the library introduces a variety of ways of statistical interpretations. 

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