Adobe Photoshop 2023: Review Free Download Adobe Photoshop 2023: Review Free Download

Adobe Photoshop 2023: Review Free Download

 Revolutionize Your Design Workflow: Adobe Photoshop 2023 Overview

Adobe Photoshop 2023: Review and Free Download


As you all will know Adobe Photoshop 2023 has launched its new version 2023. it’s very amazing it has the abundance of a new feature. it will help you to make your work very easy, lot of features.

In this article, I will tell you the top 5 New Adobe Photoshop 2023 features that will be the game changer for you I’m not only providing only the feature(theoretical). I will tell you actually
how you can be able to use that feature the graphic design.

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Adobe Photoshop 2023: Review and Free Download

Now, first of all, before starting Adobe photoshop 2023. I would like to tell you a few things. if you have already read my Illustrator article or even if you can use Adobe Illustrator 2023. Please keep in mind that, In this software, Don’t try to find an illustrator, you will be confused. right No.2 some things are like the Illustrator. just because the software created by the same company is Adobe. so the interface will look the same.


One top feature is sky replacement. He is the top feature in, this is sky replacement.
[SKY REPLACEMENT] Edit < Sky replacement. Just click here. The AI system of Photoshop. will automatically detect where the sky is located. It can remove sky automatically and you get a lot of extra effects here you can see on Adobe photoshop 2023.

How well has it is been removed? you can import sky if you have one But there are a lot of goods skies. just allot the amount of time automatically, it removes. You have entire control. Also, you can change anything whatever you want to change.

You have two options of refining mode.

  • Object aware
  • Color aware

the one counts color and another counts object.


The second feature is Hair refinement. We had to face a lot of problems while removing hair. Now Photoshop has added, a new tool which is, hair refinement. It helps to save a lot of work. I pick the picture for this feature, Go to Select tool Click Select & Mask.  Now, You have to do anything! After Select and Mask – From Left Bar Click Select Subject then you have to click on select subject Automatically, it Selects Subject.

Only a Small Portion of hair is left. There is one button called hair refine you simply have to click and now see Photoshop 2023 do it Perfectly.

But Adobe Photoshop 2023 has spoilt the bottom area here we can select another color option instead of content-aware, we are selecting color awareness.


Now let’s go to the third feature and it’s my favorite. it’s amazing You Can Control Multiple things on Shape The lot of extra controls and extra shapes are added in Photoshop 2023. and how you can control it, from every angle. We will use this only to make banners. These are the shapes, we have! This one is the new form of shape.


I simply drag and draw it here.[HOLDING SHIFT]. Now if you go to its properties then hear you have control of the curve.The option is missing in earlier versions but now we have access to the option.(the curves) how you can curve it! [DOT] Using this dot you can control the shapes of the curve By Changing the Position of DOT[(UP & DOWN), the Shape will also change. It’s a cool feature and
shortcut of manipulating the shape.


The trendy one

There is another feature, pick the document So we have sans serif font [PICK: the bold one] Text : P L A Y Out of text PLAY, I will write ‘P’ differently. you can follow the styles I’m following or as per convenience you can a different one.It totally depends on you. Drag and place this layer at bottom of every. Press CTRL T I placed and add it here.Again place it in one line. It looks cool!


Now in the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP there is one cool and amazing thing, recently added NEURAL FILTER In the previous version of Photoshop that tab of neural filter didn’t come, but it is here. In neural filter tap, there are bunch of options

Mostly there are three main options:

Skin retouching

If you to make your skin smooth we will talk later I’m giving just the highlights Here, You can retouch ‘the skin’ After that when you go to beta tab then there are bunch of options again the very crucial is smart portrait [Amazing features] Some of them, i will tell you randomly Go to smart portrait, TURN ON, AFTER TURNIING ON Photoshop automatically detect the face Now, You can do anything

Example: You want happiness, the expression on facial Want to create laughter! It takes some time because the processing is not on your computer It is uploaded on a cloud server, to process the image For this You’re required, ONE ADOBE ACCOUNT[SUBSCRIPTION]. if you don’t have an account then take advantage here [LAUGH]>[PROCESSING] How amazing

Photoshop has processed that image You can also give anger to this image TURN OFF: HAPPINESS>Click on anger>SET THE LEVEL OF ANGER.>PROCESSING. Depending on the processing power of your system. The faster your computer, the faster the output. Again there is one more option

Facial age

you can make it young and old to make young just drop the level To Old it, slide the levels to right, Automation fails to set the hair correctly, but it works fine. We can manage later; Again there is one more cool feature.


It’s very awesome feature, I personally feels. when you works on composition this features will help you can change the direction of light. Now as you can be able to see the light is coming from front If i want, i can get it to left as well as right. [I DRAG TO LEFT] the direction of light is changing. It’s totally depend on you.It’s amazing Using this
these are only main feature.

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