Beauty of High Chart JS in 2024 Beauty of High Chart JS in 2024

Beauty of High Chart JS in 2024

High Chart JS is a javascript library and being a high programming language, the demands of JavaScript have been increasing day by day in software and website development, hence, the Majority of web developers give special preference to JavaScript for programming advanced software. However, time taking process of coding through JavaScript and insertion of elements or classes may become energy exhausting for web designers. 

With the invention of JavaScript as a programming language, different software houses started struggles for the development of pre-designed coding templates. Thus, these pre-designed templates facilitate web designers in programming and back-end coding. So, they are known as JavaScript libraries. High Chart JS is one of the JavaScript libraries, that belongs to the graphical Java category. However, all libraries consisting of JavaScript coding are categorized according to their functionalities for websites. 

Moreover, High Chart JS is the only library, purely designed on JavaScript language and design charts as a software library. Thus, the library has major application in the integration of graphical charts in software developments. As earlier described libraries belong to graphical chart designing for a dashboard. But it is only a JavaScript library, involved in designing charts for different programming software.  

High Chart JS

History of High Chart JS  

Due to the high demands of chart designing in Software development, Torstein Hønsi initiated struggles for designing authentic graphical chart displays by 2006. However, being a member of High soft, the credit of the JavaScript graphical library release goes to that software house. Hence, the first practical version of High Chart JS was released in 2009 by a high soft company, located in Vik, Norway.

The basic purpose of designing libraries was the creation of graphs and charts. That enables users to the publication of their designed charts on websites. In an interview, the owner of the company revealed a report about the revenue generated by High Chart JS in the early years after its release. Hence, about 97% of the total revenue generated by the library, belongs to customers out of Norway. So, the library is proprietary software, which any designing company can buy through online websites of High Chart JS.  

Tempting features of High Chart JS

Being the most famous Graphical JavaScript chart designing template in the international media industry, it is referred to as the best graphical library. Thus, its major functionality is the customization of charts or graphs with JavaScript or CSS coding of the graphical library. With custom themes and annotations. It innovates the software with new attractive graphical looks. The website is more popular among technology gurus due to the integration of High charts JS API as a native component in their R projects. However, there are other technical features, that enhance user experience. Hence, these include: 

Stack with work

All web designers are familiar with backed-end coding, also known as Stack. Hence, The major feature of the High Chart JS library is its effective integration with all types of programming languages e.g. Java, PHP, Python, R, and Net. Moreover, it functions fairly with different JavaScript frameworks e.g. React, Angular, and Vue.   

Accessibility & Sonification 

The other tempting feature of the Graphical Chart library is that it provides a wide range of accessible interactive chart solutions. That urges the web designers to buy licenses due to flexible modules and unified API. Hence, with this accessible module, users can design or customize charts according to their own choice.    

Supported User Interactions

The user draws the data and its related shapes for the creation of suggested graphs or charts on their websites. Hence, High Chart JS has the astonishing feature of supportive interactions on canvas for users as it designs toolbars, icons, buttons for them. Moreover, it designs user interfaces by using the API modular of the JavaScript library.  

Data processing in browsers 

For enhancing user experience, High Chart JS processes the source data again and again for better results. Yet, the clustering algorithms and Artificial intelligence of graphical JavaScript provide a wide variety of chart types. Moreover, the most astonishing feature of the library is the sorting of data for effective processing. 

High Chart JS


Live data display in a dynamic way on websites or software are a bigger challenge for a web designer. However, it becomes easier and more effective by High chart JS that provides elements in programming to hook the data and chart types. So, it builds interactive relationships among provided data and live chart displays. And continue the processing till data is not changed or replaced. 


With High Chart JS, the problem of the live display of the graphical chart becomes child play. Moreover, it provides a wide range of functionalities including customization, data processing, animations, and a WebGL-powered boost module. That assists a web designer to design the graphical side of software with more ease.      

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