Preserving Authenticity: Exploring Essential SEO Plagiarism Tools

Being blog writers, all of us are familiar with the importance of unique content. Due to the bulk amount of data on the internet, it is crucial to upload content that is distinguishable from the others. Seo-friendly content is helpful in the ranking of the concerned website on top of search engines and SEO tools for Plagiarism is main focus of this blog.

The most common term which we might hear about the uniqueness of content is plagiarism. While start writing a blog, article, or research proposal, there is a suggestion to take care of plagiarism. So there is a need to know about the term plagiarism.

Before this, we have explained ,what is SEO in our previous blog

What is plagiarism?

We know that bulk of content became part of various websites on the internet for the availability of information. This information may be in form of research data, blogs, and articles. All sources of data research-based and unique. That provides the necessary information for the public.

Since another blogger or writer, when starts writing the content. He takes care of the exclusivity of information he going to put in his article. But, here the question arises who can he justify the originality of his content.

With the modification of technology, it became possible to find out the originality of data through different tools. These tools recognize the originality of content and highlight where is copied data. The level of copied content is known as plagiarism.

Now the question arises of how we can find the tools. That helps to find out the flaws of our uploading content. There is no need to worry! Here we are unveiling the best SEO tools for Plagiarism.

That will help rank your websites at the top, of search engines due to unique content.

SEO tools for plagiarism
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1. Dupli checker 

The most common SEO tools for plagiarism detection is Dupli Checker. It is an online tool that allows the detection of almost 1000 words at a time. It does not ask for any sort of registration and sign-up process.

Simply, open the Dupli checker through the browser, and there will be a space for content. Simply paste the content you copied for checking. Click on the plagiarism option. And the software starts the scanning process. It may take a little bit to scan. Then, it provides the percentage of copied and unique content separately. It detects grammar mistakes also. This tool is available free of cost on all browsers.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular writing tool among all content writers and bloggers. It helps to check grammar mistakes as well as plagiarism. The basic purpose of designing this tool is to check grammar and sentence structure mistakes. You can also check the originality of content through it.

The website of Grammarly asks for registration before first use, once you signed up for a free version. You can enjoy their services free without any hurdles. It also provides services of plagiarism checking and reports the originality of content. It has also a premium version which is paid. You can use its premium version for more accuracy.

3. Copy lea#ks

Copy leaks are the most efficient tools for plagiarism detection than the dupe checker. It provides more accurate results than other Seo tools for plagiarism. You can check the originality of your content by simply uploading docx. and pdf file.

Copy leaks offer you the first twenty checks free. Then, you have to buy their paid version. It detects through algorithms of all websites and finds out the similarity index of your content. It can compare the two files to check out the similarity index of both files.

4. Plagiarism Checker

SEO tools for Plagiarism

The most used and free SEO tool for plagiarism is “Plagiarism Checker”. It is easily accessible on all browsers and works on the same principle as Dupli checker. But the results of this tool are more reliable than the other ones.

Simply you can either paste the content into the box or upload the Docx and pdf file of 1000 words. It high lightens the copied or similar content and offers you the rewriting facility there. You can replace the content with a single click on the rewrite option.

5. Plagium 

Another basic Plagiarism checking tool popular among the beginner. It is easy to use. And easy to access, so most writers prefer to check the originality of their content from it. It permits the detection of 1000 words at a time, and high lightens the lines of text which are copied. The unique feature of the tool is an analysis of content from social media applications. Such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter post pages.

It is free to use for an unlimited time, so there is no need to worry while using the Plagium tool for scanning.

6. Plagiarism hunt

The list of easy and free available SEO Tools for plagiarism includes the Plagiarism Hunt also. It is easy to access for detection of similarity index in your content. It also scans the documents available in pdf and docx files. You can analyze the content of blogs, articles, essays, stories, and much more.

7. Turnitin 

Turnitin is the most important tool of plagiarism detection, especially in the case of research-based content, related to academic papers. It high lightens the lines, which are part of published articles and papers. Turnitin accounts are paid and you cannot freely access them. The educational institutions provide it free access to their students.


While publishing the blogs on your website, try to check out the content on one of these above discussed best SEO tools for Plagiarism. So, It will help to know about the originality of content and rank the website on top of search engines. Thanks!

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