AI Apps For Writing Best 2024 AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Why an Writing AI Apps Guide?

you might be wondering why you need an writing AI Apps guide in the first place there are a few reasons one is saving time they can help you with your writing by automatically checking for errors and suggesting ways to improve your writing ai apps.

Time-saving Benefits of AI apps for Writing

This saves you a lot of time and effort AI writing apps are also great especially for non-English natives like me if you’re not a native speaker then you might struggle with writing in English. But these apps can check your grammar and sentence structure and help you produce more native-like writing. They can also be helpful to save you from writer’s block sometimes you get stuck and don’t know what to write next or you have ideas but you don’t know the right words to use in that case you could get some suggestions from Ai apps and start from there this can help you overcome writer’s book and get your ideas down on paper.

AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Assistance for Non-Native Writers

If you want to publish your writing you can earn even a bit of money from places like a medium. I started to write on medium a few years ago. and I was able to make a decent amount of money in the last few months with the help of these AI apps tools you might be able to build a passive income Source having said that let’s take a look at some of the best AI writing apps.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Introduction to Jasper

Jasper is arguably the most popular AI app on the market it comes with lots of templates and features that can help you write your content emails and articles faster and more efficiently. whether you’re writing your blog post a YouTube script a cover letter or anything else.

Template-driven Efficiency

Jasper has you covered from the list of templates you can choose the type of content you want to write for instance. if you want to write a full blog post you can choose one shot blog post then you just have to fill in the fields like the topic the audience and the tone and Jasper will take care of the rest and write an entire blog post for you which is kind of crazy now. I think about it you can publish this directly but I wouldn’t recommend.

Ensuring Originality and Customization in AI Writing

It because a AI can sometimes plagiarize other people’s work intentionally and B what AI rights can be a little bit generic and not that unique. so if you were to publish something written by AI make sure to run a plagiarism check before you publish it and add your own speed on it to make it unique.

This applies to not just Jasper but all AI writing apps anyway let’s get back to Jasper you can also start from blank page and write on your own and sometimes I help you only when you need it for instance. whenever you are not sure what to write next you can ask it to write the next sentence of course there’s no guarantee you’re going to like what it writes.

Exploring Jasper’s Features and Pricing

But you can ask it to rewrite how many times you want sometimes, this is a good way to get unstuck by the way you can access these templates from the left sidebar. So if you wanted to write just a conclusion for you you can select a template for it. and let it do the job so as you can see Jasper has a lot to offer.

I think it might be the most complete and advanced AI writing app on the market but it also might be the most expensive one.

The cheapest plan costs 29 a month but, if you want to use all the cool features you have to pay at least 59 a month this might be a bit too much much for some people but don’t worry they are cheaper alternatives.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

A Markdown-Based AI Writing App

Lex is one of the newest AI writing app. so it’s currently still in better and therefore free and has only limited functionalities but I’m actually very excited about it because it has a lot of potentials something, I love is that it’s markdown based so you can write and format your text easily for instance you can use hashtags to make headings also create a code block with the use of greater than sign it’s such a simple thing.

Enhancing Writing Efficiency with Lex’s In-Document Assistance

But I find it really convenient and saves time. when I’m writing which also helps me stay in the flow another cool thing is ask Lex this is a little chat box where you can ask AI questions, and get answers without leaving your document for instance you could ask the difference between who and whom which I’m honestly still confused about or it could be anything that you need to know for your writing project I’ve been using it for only a week.

Embracing Simplicity and Future Possibilities with Lex

But I can see why so many writers love this tool. Because it helps on the floor without any instructions super simplistic design also helps them focus on writing too oh and another thing I’m excited about is the road map. it’s going to build something like Google Docs where you can share your writing the comments edit and collaborate easil, as far as I know,w there are no AI writing apps that can do that so when that happens it will be a game.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Revolutionizing Writing with Accessibility and Affordability

Changer Hyper Rite is my favorite because it’s so useful and cheap like Jasper and Lex.It has a web app where you can write with a bunch of templates or blank pages, and then you can ask AI for help whenever you need it but its Chrome extension is even more useful than the web app. Because you can use the AI assist on any web page including Google Docs Gmail notion Evernote or any other writing and no tab.

Enhancing Writing on Any Webpage with HyperWrite’s Context-Aware Suggestions

So what about website you’re on you can get a suggestion for what to write next .if you don’t like it you can cycle through the other suggestions and pick the one you want this type ahead mode is so useful. Because I understand the context of your writing if you’re writing an email it knows that’s what you’re doing and gives you a relevant suggestion also you can access the templates from this little button. At the corner of the screen being able to use these on any web page is really useful because you can get the benefit of air assistant on your favorite writing tool.

Affordable Options for Every Writer

The pricing of hyperrite is also very affordable. They offer a free plan which has limited suggestions. But if you don’t do much writing this is probably enough for you and even if you want an unlimited number of suggestions they have a Premium plan which is just about 15 a month which is so much cheaper than Jasper. So if I were to pick one AI writing tool I’d pick this one these AI apps won’t magically make you a great writer but they will make your writing more efficient.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Streamlining Content Generation for Every Skill Level

One we have is writer Rytr is an extremely powerful piece of software. that lets you generate content for various applications and industries including marketing e-commerce and more even if you don’t have any AI apps for writing or writing experience at all the easy to use interface of this piece of software makes it super super simple to start it’s.

Effortless Content Creation with Rytr

As simple as choosing which language you want what kind of tone you want the article to have and then just scrolling through a template of your use case anything from blog. outlines to business ideas to call to actions to emails to whatever you want and then you simply input a couple pieces of information of what you want the article to be about click right for me and it’ll generate an article for you with so many different use cases available it’s honestly hard to imagine someone who wouldn’t benefit from this.

plan costing

AI writing platform even better there’s a date to try out with the starter plan costing as little as nine dollars a month now if you want to try out rytr.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Sudowrite Specialized Storytelling AI

Sudowrite is a little bit different as it’s an AI writing software. that’s built exclusively for stories and for all content that uses a little bit of Storytelling. How this have it generate text for you and then it works kind of in a collaborative manner working alongside you as you type and writes your story.

pricing for Sudowrite

it also offers really powerful brainstorming tools to help you create suggestions for different characters locations. Whatever you want in your story pricing for Sudowrite starts at 19 a month for 30 000 words.


AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Word Hero’s Versatile Content Generation

Word Hero is another all-purpose AI writing tool particularly suited for business. Purposes you’ll get the most out of Word Hero if you’re using it for on-the-flight Content generation that you can then paste into a Word document black Channel email marketing campaign or whatever else you want to use it for another super cool thing is that it supports over a hundred different languages.

Pricing for Word Hero

So if you need multi-language support this could be an excellent choice for you pricing for Word Hero starts at 49 a month.

Article Forge

AI Apps For Writing Best 2024

Forge Article Simplifies Article Creation

Forge article Forge is built for long-form content creation all you have to do is put in a keyword select some basic parameters like length. And then Article Forge will do the rest for you one of the most powerful pieces of the software comes in its ability to create a lot of content simultaneously, you can batch create bulk articles just by typing in a whole bunch of different keywords. And it’ll start creating articles for you one by one another awesome thing about article Forge.

Forge yourself pricing starts

Is its built-in SEO optimization which can save you a lot of time having to deal with SEO if you want to check out article Forge yourself pricing starts as low as just 27 a month.

The Future of AI apps for Writing

I’m very excited about how these apps are going to improve in the future. But I’m not sure people are going to want to pay such a high price that’s because there are now many free note apps that offer similar AI apps features for instance I talked about how this node that called Luxy can do something similar for completely free also other note apps like notion and a craft announce. Their Integrations with AI which are probably free or cheap so there are going to be fewer reasons to pay for these AI writing apps.

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