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About Us

Welcome to Softtechgenics, a little corner of the internet where we geek out over all things tech.

We started this blog because we were tired of technical jargon and wanted a place to discuss tech in simple, easy-to-understand language. Our goal is to make tech more accessible and less intimidating to everyday internet users.

On this blog, you’ll find explainers that demystify complex tech topics, news about the latest gadgets and apps, tips for improving your digital life, and reviews of our favorite tech products. We cover everything from basic computer skills to cutting-edge advancements in AI and cybersecurity.

Our focus is on providing advice and insight that can enhance your relationship with technology and help you get more out of your devices. We want to spread wisdom, not intimidate our readers!

This blog was founded in 2020 by Sulaiman Majeed, CEO of Softechgenics Pvt Ltd. a self-taught techie with a passion for explaining tech in plain language. Since then, our small but mighty team of writers has continued the mission of making tech more understandable.

We don’t consider ourselves experts or gurus – just ordinary tech users who want to share what we’ve learned in a casual, conversational style. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel smarter and more empowered when it comes to technology.

We welcome feedback and suggestions because we want this blog to reflect what our readers care about. So drop us a line if there’s a tech topic you want us to cover or a question you need answered!